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About – Karen Mannion
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About Karen

Hello, my name is Karen Mannion and I’m a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist and mindset coach. I’m really passionate and curious about health and how the body heals, specifically around the area of female hormonal health and excess oestrogen dominant conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, heavy bleeding and painful periods.

After packing in a career in TV production, I started my health career back in 2003, qualifying as a personal trainer and a couple of years later I completed my certification in NLP or neurolinguistic programming which is a form of therapy that looks at how the structure of our thinking either helps or hinders us.

Back then, I thoroughly enjoyed helping clients work on their fitness goals, but I developed an awareness that being fit does not necessarily mean that one is healthy. From my perspective, nutrition was the missing link. I’d always wanted to study nutrition and I graduated as a naturopathic nutritional therapist back in 2016 with the College of naturopathic nutrition.

I now combine nutrition and mindset coaching to help clients achieve optimal health and life goals. I work specifically with women who are going through the perimenopause which, for some, can start in the mid to late 30’s and can continue on to the mid-fifties. Nevertheless, there is plenty a woman can do earlier to prevent this journey becoming uncomfortable. It was my own health journey, that helped me realise what we can do to prevent problems during this time.

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